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What to Know About Health Care Open Enrollment
The stakes are higher for picking your health care this year, whether choosing employer-sponsored or exchange coverage.
Shoppers Have a New Way to Save Money at Walmart
Retail behemoth Walmart has introduced a tool likely to delight customers and frighten competitors: the "Savings Catcher" comparison tool.
Key Financial Moves for the Recently Widowed
Most married women whose marriages stay intact become widows. Women on average live longer than men, and most marry older men. The statistical result of these factors is that the median age of widowhood is around 60. When a spouse dies, it???s not a good time to make major decisions about your financial future, especially for women who haven???t been closely involved with family financial matters.
Why Kids Keep Getting Stuck in Claw Toy Machines
Like a moth to the flame, kids just can't keep their tiny bodies out of toy claw machines. The latest incident started when 18-month old Colin Lambert climbed into the game in Maryville, Tennessee, while his grandmother wasn't looking.
Government Ups Air Bag Warning to 7.8M Vehicles
US gov't raises air bag warning by 3M vehicles; efforts clouded by wrong info, faulty website
Correction: Air Bag Recall Story
Correction: Air Bag Recall story
How the Dow Jones Industrial Average Did Wednesday
How the Dow Jones industrial average and other major indexes did Wednesday
FedEx, UPS Make Plans for a Better Holiday Season
After rocky season last year, FedEx and UPS look to improve their performance during holidays
Rules on Bank Risk in Mortgage Bonds Being Adopted
Regulators adopting new rules on banks' risk in mortgage bonds, dropped down payment condition
Slide in Energy Sector Drags US Stock Market Lower
S&P 500 falls, ending a four-day winning streak, as drop in oil price drags down energy stocks
Visa Increases Dividend by 20 Percent
Visa increases quarterly dividend by 20 percent to 48 cents per share
Correction: Air Bag Recall-Glance Story
Correction: Air Bag Recall-Glance story
Six Flags and Yahoo Are Big Market Movers
Six Flags Entertaiment, Yahoo, Boulder Brands, 3D Systems and ETrade are big market movers
Watch: Moving on Up!
Wall Street on the rebound. Will it be a 4th straight day of solid gains?
Watch: 10 Steps to Achieve Your Dreams
SAP CEO Bill McDermott reveals the keys to success in his new book "The Winner's Dream."
Watch: Apple's October Surprise
iPhone 6 sales jolt quarterly profits.
Watch: Wall Street Braces for Another Volatile Week
IBM stock falls amid disappointing earnings report.
Watch: Wall Street Rebounds in Early Trading
Friday looking up for investors, but will it last?
Watch: Stock Market Plunge Continues at Opening Bell
The roller coaster ride resumes on Wall Street as indices approach 10 percent correction territory.
Photos: Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg Sells Estate for $9.3 Million
Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg sold her estate for $9.3 million.
Photos: 'Easy Rider' Motorcycle Sells at Auction
It sold for $1.3 million.
AT&T ???Glitch??? Prompts iPhone Billing Error
ABC News Fixer steps helps woman nearly trapped by refurbished iPhone mix-up.
See Apple Pay Put to the Test
Apple Pay made its debut today and has so far lived up to the hype as a potential credit card killer.
10 Year-End Tax Moves to Make Now
April 15 is the target date for taxes, but to ensure that you pay the Internal Revenue Service the least possible amount on that date, you need to make some tax moves before the tax year ends.
Troubled Private Student Loan Borrowers Get Little Help, CFPB Says
What to watch out for when you go outside the federal loan system.
The Ebola Effect: Schools Shut Down, Sanitizer Sales Spike
Ebola in America might have started in Dallas, but fear is spreading across the nation.
How to Spot Bogus Charges on Your Phone Bill
The landmark $105 million settlement against AT&T for allegedly adding unauthorized charges to consumers' phone bills has shined a light on a practice known as "cramming."
The Scammers That Keep Coming Back for More
'Good Lord': ABC News Fixer implores reader to drop advanced fee loan scammers.
Getting an Air Fare Refund for Family Emergency
ABC News Fixer helps reader recoup more than $2,000 after devastating news.
Why You Need to Buy Christmas Flights (Well) Before Halloween
It's annoying when Christmas decorations go up alongside the Halloween decor, isn't it? There's plenty of time to shop for Christmas, right? Yes, unless it's flights you're purchasing.
What You Can Learn From Those Real Estate TV Shows
It seems that no matter who you bump into at a party or see on the street, everyone can discuss HGTV and those homebuying or home improvement shows.
When Money's Tight, Crowd Fund the Down Payment
It's a common conundrum. You want to buy a house or make improvements on your current one, but there's just no money in the bank to make your dream home dreams a reality. If only you could ask your friends or family for money. But that's too awkward, right? Maybe not.
Think Twice Before You Buy That Extended Warranty
What if you paid hundreds of dollars to buy an extended warranty on your kitchen appliances only to find out a critical piece wasn???t covered? That???s exactly what the Hoftiezer family said happened to them. With their appliances a few years old, David Hoftiezer of...
What Really Happens After Your Credit Card Is Stolen
After a hacker steals your credit card number, you may receive an email, text or phone call from your bank to alert you of criminal or fraudulent activity with your credit card. This is a helpful and necessary measure implemented by financial institutions to help protect your accounts. However, sometimes the alert is too late and the cybercriminal has already replicated your card and gone on a shopping spree. Have you wondered though, what exactly happens to your stolen credit card number, and what is it worth to a criminal? Well, we took a peek inside the cybercriminal underground to explore this interesting and frightening reality.
I Lost $70K Playing Fantasy Football
Alex Stein loves watching football, playing football and betting on football. That last activity has emerged as his favorite over the years, and at times it has been a lucrative pastime. He just has one problem: The Dallas Cowboys.
There's No Such Thing as Free Mortgage Refinancing
The next time you see an ad to refinance your mortgage for ???Free??? or with ???No closing costs,??? run the other way.
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